Private Art Lessons

A new session is starting! And we are excited to offer a class to our young children as well!

Children will take private art lessons with Marjon F. Aucion and Dandee Warhol inside of our school at Yellowhouse Atelier. Classes are available to our students and the public as well.

You may Email: or go to to Register!


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Flower Observation

The provocation for this project provided the students with an opportunity to use observational skills when studying a flower, color identification, counting, and shape recognition.

IMG_4300 IMG_4298 IMG_4299

Children were presented with a live flower and asked to identify shapes and colors of each part of the flower. Once all the parts were identified the teachers provided the children with markers and green paper and had the children  draw the corresponding parts on each flower.

IMG_4296 IMG_4295

The majority of the children were able to identify their colors when asked. Furthermore, to develop the children’s fine motor skills, the teachers had them practice drawing circles for the petals and lines for the stem. Some children drew multiple circles fin order to represent the petals on the flower. Other children showed progression with their lines and continually drew them to represent the stem

Overall, the children understood exceptionally well when exploring color recognition, math skills and drawing shapes.  With more provocations , the children will have the opportunity to improve their fine motor skills and more complex scribbles will begin to emerge from their work.

0820150711-1_resized 0820150711a-1_resized

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Reinforcing Patterns with Piano and Melodies

Children in house room have been practicing their pattern development using paper, color pencils, and a crayon. They were eager to begin as they quickly began drawing their patterns on their paper. Our goal was to create a sequence of single notes that is musically satisfying.

11715980_10207590205779687_601690687_n 11721304_10207590205859689_35006099_n 11721955_10207590204819663_1285874004_n 11741684_10207590204979667_389134234_n

The children have been introduced to the concept of melodies and are beginning to be able to create their own. When creating melodies, the children are not only developing mentally, but also socially and emotionally. They are able to compose a short musical piece and that may boosts their ability to analyze and problem solve.

11749315_10207590205579682_2022660396_n 11749529_10207590205499680_888999236_n 11759031_10207590206019693_788732186_n
11759452_10207590204419653_2114498951_n 11759566_10207590203939641_168220271_n

As children learn to solve problems for themselves they begin to gain confidence in their own abilities and they develop kinds of attitudes and skills that will serve them well in school and in life. practicing our melodies on the piano allows them to think flexibly and practice patience and persistence.

0820150709-1_resized 0820150710-1_resized 0820150710a-1_resized

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Using Natural Materials at the Light Table

The children were presented with play dough and leaves at the light table as a provocation.


Some began by concentrating on building, and adding leaves into the play dough. The stems were too soft to easily stick into the play dough. This required the children to have great concentration and find a way to stick the leaves straight into the play dough.

IMG_5535 IMG_5538

Another set of children compared big and small objects. Together the children and teachers counted and compared small and big leaves and play dough “balls” and “snakes”.

IMG_5539 IMG_5543 IMG_5546

One child showed the group how to roll a snake and the teacher would ask, “where is the small snake?” and the child would hold up a little “snake”  very proud! He did the same with the big “snake” big ball, small ball, etc.
The children also worked on rolling snakes, pulling and pushing the play dough together.

Allowing children to engage in play dough activity has many benefits to it:

1.)Fine motor skill development

2.)Calming and therapeutic

3.)Creativity and imagination

4.)Develops hand eye coordination

5.) Social Skills

6.)Literacy and Numeracy development

7.) Promotes Play

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Field Trip to Oyster Creek Park

Students participated in experiences that enhanced their knowledge and awareness of social and science topics that are currently happening in our environment.

The children spent the summer learning about native Texas birds and how they have a critical role in maintaining our local ecosystem.

After hatching Rio Grande Turkeys, Welsch Ducks, and Bob White Quail, the children became more interested in natural habitats for all insects and animals.

We ended the summer program by taking a field trip to Oyster Creek Park. The children experienced of these topics in a hands-on and thought provoking way. They were able to find native insects and animals in their natural habitats while doing their own documentation.

Creating a City for Wildlife (pre-k group) from Little Wonders Learning Center on Vimeo.

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