Benefits of Exploring Broccoli

Every week we use food as a means of exploring many subjects.  Science, art, math, etc. can all be connected to food.  On this day, we used broccoli for the provocation. This provocation was a great way to encourage healthy eating habits while exploring the nutritious veggie’s characteristics such as colors, textures, and smells.


The students used plastic knives to cut the broccoli, practice fine motor skills and demonstrate their ability to grasp small things. This is important for the children’s development because it increases dexterity while improving their ability to focus on their actions. Through out this positive experience the children explored the broccoli together.  In this environment the children utilized their peers as role models because children have a strong impulse to imitate. At this age children can be picky eaters because they are exerting control over their environment while expressing caution about trusting the unfamiliar. The children were more accepting of the broccoli in this scenario because they had the freedom to discover and explore the vegetable on their own terms













Here are some ideas on how to get your children to explore a variety of nutritional foods:

-Offer a new food after your child is well rested and hungry.

-Introduce only one new food at a time.

-Make it fun, have your child help you prepare the food. This gets them engaged and motivated to learn and try the new food.

-Go to the grocery store with them, let them explore various fruits and vegetables and let them choose one to try at home.


How do you encourage healthy eating at home? Share with us!


“We keep moving forward, opening new doors and doing new things, because we’re curious and curious keeps leading us down new paths.” –Walt Disney



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