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Peek-a-Boo and Entertaining Each Other

One of the exciting things happening in our classroom is the social growth of our students. Lately, our students have been entertaining one another by playing peek-a-boo. At first glance this well-known child’s game may just seem to be a cute pastime. However, amidst the simplicity and fun of the game, an opportunity for meaningful learning awaits.

A post on lists a variety of ways in which a game of peek-a-boo can have a positive impact on a child: “Peek-a-boo stimulates baby’s senses, builds gross motor skills, strengthens her visual tracking, encourages her social development and, best of all, tickles her sense of humor. Plus, peek-a-boo teaches object permanence: the idea that even though she can’t see something (like your smiling face), it still exists.” Continue reading

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Play dough Cooking

This week our children have taken it upon themselves to start baking “cupcakes” and “cookies” for a tea party. They are always delighted to play tea party and have been using our tea set every day, working together to help each other create cupcakes to share with the class. You can see in the photos that the children used several kitchen utensils and play dough to create their “tasty treats” for the tea party:

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Twenty Basic Scribbles

There are twenty basic scribbles that all human beings develop and these are the foundation for complex images and letter formations. The twenty basic scribbles include many dots, lines and circles. Toddlers initially become interested in scribbling from its sensory enjoyment. If you pay close attention to the images that your children are making, you will start to notice that they are assigning scribbles to different things, and exploring the different marks they can make.

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Banana Leaves on the Light Table

This week we introduced the children to some banana leaves, allowing them to engage with the natural world in an indoor environment. The leaves served as a great learning material because of their large size, bright color and varied shapes (some whole and some missing pieces).

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We asked the children if they knew a place where they could find a lot of ice. We prompted the conversation by asking if we could find ice outside. They were so eager to tell us where we could find ice, and outside was definitely one of them!

Some quotes from the discussion include:

  • “Mommy is going to grab ice from the water”
  • “The ice at the beach is going to melt”
  • “We can find ice in the snow”
  • “Ice makes water really cold”


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