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Sand and Water and Texture Bags


Sensory play is essential in our everyday activities in school! Sensory play encourages the brain development in the infants and helps them to make sense of the world we live in. One day, we provided the children with a sand bin. There were shells and other materials in the bin to serve as a provocation. We provided them a time period to use dry sand, and then after a while, we added water to give the sand a different texture.

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The Reggio Emilia philosophy includes having nature as the third teacher, so this week we introduced the eggplant in the lunchroom and classroom! Eggplant is something new on our current menu. Since this is a new food for most of us, we are introducing it not only in the lunchroom, but in the classrooms as well.  We want the children to experience it in many ways, so that when they see it in the lunchroom, they will be more open to trying it.

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Bug Sorting

With the children observing different bugs and insects, we have brought in plastic bugs and insects for the children to play and explore with in the classroom. The children have been particularly intrigued by the ladybugs. The children discussed how the ladybugs fly and have started observing the wings that help them fly. This lead to a broader discussion about which bugs had wings to help them fly and which ones do not. To further this topic, we laid out a large sheet of paper and separated it into two columns: “can fly” and “cannot fly,” and then explained to the children what each category meant.

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Colored Letters


We always find the children sticking their hands in the paint jars because they are so intrigued with the way paint feels on their hands. This week, we followed their lead and provided them with the sensory experience that their actions suggest they have been searching for.

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Playing with loose parts in the classroom

This week the children had a few new introductions to their third teacher- the room itself. Our approach to learning considers three teachers in the classroom at any given time: the teacher, the child and the environment. Listing “the environment” as a teacher is a core principle in the Reggio Emilia approach and it allows the children to learn from material items in the world and learn from touching, moving, listening, and observing.

The materials in the environment served as a “teacher” for the children one morning. The children were so intent and focused as they used the open-ended materials, defined by Kate from as “materials that can be transformed,” to investigate and discover. Continue reading

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