Apple Printing

The children have showed a liking for apples during their snack time, because of this we set up a provocation for the children to do some apple printing.


They decoratively set up a table with white paper and red paint on top of half sliced apples. The children immediately came to investigate and started spreading the paint around the paper with apples.

KIMG0035 KIMG0034 KIMG0036

They dabbed the apples around the paper, and impressions of apples soon covered the paper.

KIMG0037 KIMG0040 KIMG0041 KIMG0043 KIMG0046 KIMG0044

This provocation offered the children a sensory experience strengthening their fine motor skills. The children showed such a great interest in working with the food as a language. We will continue using food as a provocation.


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