About Us

Little Wonders is a wonderful learning center located right here in Missouri City. This is where talent, imagination and professional skills are being dedicated to the teaching of our young children.

We understand that children learn differently. Through observation and listening, we encourage each individual’s unique learning styles; while focusing on their physical, educational and emotional needs.

All of our teachers are professionally qualified with combined expertise in education, speech & hearing therapy, bilingual education and English as a Second Language. With a low student-teacher ratio, we provide your child with the attention they need.

Little Wonders Learning Center is located at the corner of Lexington Blvd. and Dulles Ave. In this center, you will find a number of warm, loving teachers committed to putting children first. This isn’t your ordinary day care facility.


What Sets us Apart

Little Wonders’ curriculum is child-centered and based on the Reggio Emilia approach. This approach promotes children’s education through the development of all their languages: expressive, communicative, symbolic, cognitive, ethical, metaphorical, logical, imaginative and relational. To read more on the difference between Reggio and Montessori, click here.

Little Wonders opened in the year 2000 and was directed under the talented eye of Nikou Fatemizadeh. Ms. Fatemizadeh has a Master’s Degree in Education from Sam Houston State University and 35 years of experience in many educational endeavors. Nikou traveled throughout the world, as an Educator and representative of an educational firm, studying different curriculums. She met directly with many Ministers of Education, and interviewed instructors of every scholastic level from preschool to doctoral. It was during this period that Nikou became familiar with the Reggio Emilia concept and decided to bring the world-renowned Reggio Emilia concept back home with her. Nikou spent the next 10 years at Houston Community College (HCC). As Curriculum Coordinator for the Lab School at HCC, Nikou introduced the Reggio Emilia approach. She taught the student teachers this wonderful approach to educating young children, trained employees and maintained a “hands on” relationship with the children in the lab school. She established the same “hands on” approach at Little Wonders, giving all of the children in her school the advantage of her expertise on a daily basis.

The Little Wonders teachers on staff have degrees in Speech/Hearing Therapy, Education, Psychology, Bilingual Education and English as a Second Language. Maryam Lumpkin became the director of Little Wonders in November of 2010. She attended Houston Baptist University and was awarded a Bachelor of Business Administration with majors in Business Administration and Marketing in 2001. She opened Little Wonders with her aunt, Nikou Fatemizadeh, who was the previous director in 2001. Before becoming the Director, Maryam worked under Nikou as a curriculum coordinator and lead teacher. She now stays on site committed to a perfectly balanced learning environment for children. To accomplish this balance, she has purposely maintained a slow growth rate in the center, making sure that her teachers are well trained and the environment is properly prepared for each age level.

Little Wonders and the School of Wonders recognized that children communicate in “multiple languages.”  With that in mind, children have an excelled art experience with artist Marjon F. Aucoin.  Marjon is a graduate from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a Bachelors degree in Illustration and a focus on Fine Arts.  She illustrated a published medical book, has shown her artwork in various art galleries, and has recently had her artwork recognized by Spectrum Magazine, an internationally renowned annual showcase for contemporary artists.  More information on her work can be found at her website.  Under Marjon’s guidance, the preschool and elementary students are provided with an abundance of professional grade materials and learn technical skills taught in an academic environment.  Art is incorporated in various projects.  Symbolic languages, including drawing, sculpting, dramatic play, writing, and painting are used to represent children’s thinking processes and theories.

Take the time to visit Little Wonders so you can see the difference for yourself. We always welcome new faces with open arms.

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