A letter for my Dad

One of the children in the Summer school program was telling the classroom about how her dad was out of town. Since she expressed how she missed him, the teacher offered her an opportunity to send him a message.  They came up with the idea to draw him a picture and an organic learning experience soon followed.

While working on the project, she learned how take a picture and upload the photo, transfer the photo onto the computer, add text to the image and size the photo to fit appropriately onto a document. Once she decided that the size, photo and colors looked pleasing, she began typing her letter using Microsoft Word.

Dear daddy, I miss you. This is a very special picture and I love you and it got your favorite color, green.”

Parents are an essential component to learning and school because they are an active part of their children’s learning experiences, whether the parent realizes it or not. Observing this child draw her father a picture, write him a letter, and email it to him all because she missed him was a special moment. Additionally, the fact that this child was inspired by her father to write him a letter, work on the computer, learn and enjoy the activity at the same time while thinking about her family is a extraordinary experience.

Families are an important factor in the Reggio Emilia philosophy. We routinely encourage parents to be involved in the learning experiences of their children, whether that’s at home or at Little Wonders School. A unique aspect to the Reggio approach is that the development of a child is seen as the responsibility of the entire community. We view parents as partners, collaborators, advocates and inspiration for their children.

If you are interested in becoming more involved with your child’s activities at Little Wonders School or would like a tour, please feel free to contact us.

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